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Hybrid and Electric Kit Retrofitment

We make the transporters and cab fleet owners more profitable and eco-friendly through our convenient hybrid and electric kit retrofitment model. In conjunction with transporters and vehicle body-makers, we deliver fuel-saving vehicles to the city roads. By investing once in the technology, the fleet owners save enough to buy a new bus/truck chassis in the life-span of their vehicle.

Training, Repair and Maintenance

A new technology requires the entire value-chain to be responsive to any unforeseen challenges at any moment. Hybridtronics rigorously trains and shares valuable maintenance modules with the network of automobile mechanics and customers.

Our Products

Hybrid vehicle kits and fully electric vehicle kits by Hybridtronics Private Limited are produced for vehicles focused on reducing need for fuel consumption by utilizing regenerative braking power of the vehicles while driving.  These kits are most effective for city-drive conditions and lead to fuel savings from 15% to 25%.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Kits
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Pure Electric Vehicle Kits
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A motor, battery pack and gear reduction system is retro-fitted on an existing vehicle. The system is software-run to operate the engine only when it is most fuel economic to do so. In fuel inefficient zones – the motor acts like a second engine, thereby reducing load and fuel consumed. Motor gets its power from the battery pack – which gets recharged each time drivers apply the brakes (regenerative braking).

Using Ultracapacitor as the energy storage unit, we have improved the resilience of the system to high temperature ranges and reaction-time for demand cycles. Thereby our system is advanced, more efficient, longer lasting, safer and more relevant to Indian conditions.

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